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We carry a large selection of proteins, creatines, glutamines, vitamins, recovery items and drinks from the following manufacturers:

  • Betancourt
  • Muscle Milk
  • Optimum Health Distributors
  • Muscleworks
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • VPX
  • Pacific Health
  • Labrada
  • Gaspari
  • Nectar

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We have many different nutritional supplements.

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Max Muscles carries many different types or workout attire.

Men’s and Women’s clothing to include Muscle Tees, Y-back Tees, Supplex and Tactel Lycra apparel from the following manufacturers:

  • Ironville
  • Iron Asylum
  • Tap Out
  • Oxygen
  • Buzio
  • Body Rio
  • KOS
  • Farmon

Men’s and Women’s gloves, lifting straps, weightlifting belts, hand chalk, knee wraps, hats and beanies for the following manufacturers:

  • House of Pain
  • Raw Power
  • Harbinger
  • Get Mobile
  • Mueller

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Need accessories for working out? We have them!

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