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Question: Submitted by Wayne C.

How do I know which Test Booster to get?  There are so many out there and it’s easy to get confused.


Be selective with Test Boosters…you are actually looking for something with Protodioscin delivery.  You want a product that will make your body do more of what it already does, without the synthetic additive.  What I mean is, look for Tribulus Terrestris with at least 400mg and Standardized for 25% or more Protodioscin. It takes a minimum of 100mg of Protodioscin to aid androgen receptors and talk to the Leydig cells that create more Testosterone. Adding Bioperine to any Test Booster aids the bioavailability and improves it’s performance. When you research the supplemental facts, as a minimum ensure it contains what I’ve outlined above.  There are exceptional products such as Red Test that will add a multitude of advanced ingredients that are akin to changing a Ford into a Ferrari. Fort those looking for mass, strength and power…as well libido…you’ll find ingredients such as Long Jack, Horny Goat Weed, L-Dopa and Fenugreek that truly enhance the product.  Come in and see one of our experts to find the right product to fit YOUR goal.

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